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About me

Welcome to the ‘About Me’ section of my website. This is where I can tell you a little bit about myself and how I discovered my passion for writing.

I was born in the UK and lived my first years in a very small village in Cheshire. As you can imagine, it was the kind of life where you know everyone and everyone knows you. I quite enjoyed it, but to be honest I didn’t really know anything different.

Then our whole world got blown upside down when my dad had to take a job overseas.

We ended up living in all sorts of countries, but when my parents got a divorce I came back to live in the UK with my mum. We regularly visited my dad who carried on traveling and living around the world. I spent my life living in two worlds – a village in the UK with the usual troubles and trials of high school, then my other world where I jetted away to experience the extremities of different cultures.

From this way of life I have gained my passion for travel and culture. I have always known that I would not be living in the UK for the rest of my life and that I would see great things in the world. At university, I decided to apply for a year abroad and I lived in Canada for a year. I met lots of amazing people and it reminded me why I love to travel. Since then, I have worked in a summer camp in America, plunged down a zip-line in the jungle in Thailand, road tripped around Europe, stayed in a castle in Scotland, had a barbeque in the desert in Dubai and lots more!

I have always loved to write, but my travel and experiences really are my inspiration to love it as much as I do. I found that with everything that I have experienced and everywhere that I have visited – I can find a story in it. I love to imagine characters and feelings and circumstances that create new perspectives on things and can’t help but think of descriptions in my head whenever I see something interesting in the world. I suppose that this is how photographers feel – seeing things in a different way. They imagine how they could use their camera to capture it and make it even more beautiful, I think of how I could bring it to life in a story with the right words and tone.

But it was definitely when I worked for the BBC in Manchester that I decided to concentrate on how I could write professionally. I had a great job at the BBC and was very interested in the media so I tried to work the writing into it. I did a few little bits here and there, but knew that to have the time and energy to write properly, I was going to have to do it full time.

If any of you are writers, you will know that becoming a writer full time is challenging and in some cases, impossible. It definitely cannot support you fully unless you sell a crazy amount of work, regularly. Then something happened in my life that meant that I could do it without much worry.

My fiancé managed to get a transfer to an office abroad, which we have both wanted for a long time. Because the transfer would be to the US, the visa would not allow me to work. This meant that I could have time every day to work on my writing, as a replacement for a job that I would be doing if back at home. So, as it turned out, not only could I be living abroad which I have always knew that I wanted to do, but I will also have my big chance, my chance to write full time.

I now live in Boston in the US with my fantastic husband to be and I couldn’t be happier. I get to write every day and explore a beautiful and very different country at the tip of my fingers.

One of the most amazing things that I have found with being a full time writer is how much I love to learn. I have always been interested in history, travel, culture, literature, people – but I never really enjoyed the logical and factual way of learning in education. Now I can be interested in a specific subject – and it can be anything at all – and I learn more about it through research and become my own expert at it, then I can come up with a story that encompasses it. Since I have been writing full time, I have learned about tribes in Ethiopia, the history of Victorian London, what it is like to live with a disability and so many other amazing and fascinating things.

I could not imagine a life without writing and I hope that one day it will sustain me enough for it to be a career. It’s funny that when you find something that you know you are meant to be doing with your life – you become so happy that the small bad things in life don’t seem to matter as much. What a wonderful achievement to have found it in my 20’s!


Graduated 2011

London School of Journalism: (Online) Journalistic Writing Diploma: DISTINCTION

Graduated July, 2010

Lancaster University, UK

2:1 Degree in Media and Cultural Studies (Hons) & One Year International Exchange

Graduated 2006

Yale College, Wrexham, Flintshire, UK: 2 A-Levels: Media Studies, Art and Design, 2 AS levels: English Literature, Psychology

+ OCN in Black and White Photography + extra award for college magazine